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Pipeline and replacement of a line to impact local area


As they have done at thousands of public meetings, representatives of Enbridge Energy, Delaware, spoke to about 20 people at a recent meeting of the Aitkin County DFL Club. The company seeks to site the Sandpiper Pipeline, as well as to replace a line on Route 3 that goes through Aitkin County. They are in the permitting process now.

In the local area, the Sandpiper Route also passes through Cass, Crow Wing, and Carlton counties on its way to the Superior, Wisconsin terminal..... [MORE]

Crosby has no contract in place with CGI and NJPA for comp plan

At the February 23 meeting, Crosby City council, Justin Burslie of National Joint Powers Alliance (NJPA) was named the new planning and zoning administrator and the council approved the purchase of services agreement with NJPA.

City Attorney Tom Pearson said, “The letter of understanding has progressed to the agreement. NJPA wants you to sign for these services. I reviewed it and it looks fine to me.”

Councilman Dusty Paul asked, “Didn’t we say it was for 300 hours, not 400”? Clerk Lisa Sova said, “The price was dropped to $50, so we can get up to 400 hours, we don’t have to take 400 hours. And that reserves $10,000 for the comprehensive plan.”

Burslie stated that unspecified number of hours of work had already been done by NJPA.

To save time, Burslie recommended having his former employer, Chuck Marohn of Community Growth, Inc. (CGI) write the comprehensive plan, since it would take Marohn half the time. .... [MORE]

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