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County attorney moves to shutter media in Hunter case

Assistant County Attorney Candace Prigge filed a Motion for Restrictive Order with the Crow Wing County Court on Friday, September 15 in the case of the State of Minnesota versus James Jesse Hunter. She is “asking the court pursuant to Minn. R. Crim. P. 25.03, to order that the parties be prohibited from discussing the case in the media through a press release, interviews or other disseminations of information to the public that is from the attorneys, their office staff or anyone involved in the investigation.”

The request came after Hunter’s Attorney Edward Shaw misstated in an article published in the September 16 issue of the NewsHopper that, “[Crosby Lieutenant Kevin] Randolph accused members of the Crosby Police Department of taking bribes.” Shaw corrected his statement after the NewsHopper had already gone to press. Shaw’s revised statement said, “Randolph accused members of the Crosby Fire Department of taking bribes.” ...[MORE]


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